Of course we love the traditional media outlets, and we totally realize the importance of their support. But in the 'new world' there is Spotify. We have warmly embraced this extremely popular streaming service. And because of its absolutely awesome and unique way of providing music to its users, Spotify has become the future of music. We are building on a continuously growing network of Dutch and Belgian playlist curators to actively push the music and artist profiles on Spotify.


radio & tv campaigns

online & print press campaigns

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As experienced radio pluggers we target national, regional, local and online stations in the Netherlands and Belgium, and speak to radio dj’s, music directors, producers and programmers on a weekly basis, to secure airplay, playlistings and radio/tv sessions/performances.

As specialists in online and print press, we have access to all relevant magazines, blogs, webzines and daily papers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Through committed and dedicated PR campaigns, it’s our aim to get the music heard by all key decision makers, to secure features, reviews, interviews and video sessions. 

To gain exposure to new listeners outside our focus territory (Netherlands and Belgium), we are building on a continuously growing network of international music bloggers. Having the music written about in a publication will organically boost the online presence. And also industry professionals, services like Spotify and Apple Music, and independent curators actively monitor music blogs to find new talent and to source content for their playlists. ​